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Office Information:

Little Rock
1819 N. Fillmore
Little Rock, AR 72207
(501) 280-9722

Springdale (Northwest Arkansas)
1458 Plaza Place, Suite 104A
Springdale, AR 72764
(479) 756-0022
(479) 756-0024 Fax


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ProTrac can help you and your community by providing you with effective, proven, local service that will help you increase your financial gain and lower the criminal environment within your respective city and/or county. This in turn should help further develop your respective communities and the State of Arkansas.


Electronic monitoring programs provide a viable alternative to incarceration and can help alleviate the overcrowding of the jail facilities freeing space for more violent offenders.

  • Ankle_BraceletHouse arrest in lieu of jail
  • Most programs are offender funded which means that no public money is expended
  • Monitor pre-trial defendants until sentencing
  • Sentenced defendants can serve their time while maintaining employment
    Sentenced defendants can serve their time while maintaining employment
  • GPS tracking as a condition of Bond to restruct the defendants movement in and out of a tarteted area or location
  • GPS tracking of defendants who have been known to violate a protection order

Case Managers meet with defendants weekly to determine compliance with the Court’s Orders. Violations are reported based on the requirements or needs of the Court.


Alcohol Monitoring provides Courts with multiple levels of supervion.

  • alcohol monitoringWeekend or ViolationVicap1visitation compliance in Family Court
  • Offenders are required to provide a breath test at random intervals throughout the day and night
  • Reports and Violations are received with a photograph of the individual and the BAC reading both clearly visible
  • Verification of compliance with a No Drinking Order from the Court
  • Ensure family members that their teens, college students and/or loved ones are not consuming alochol.
  • In home alochol monitor used in conjunction with an ignition interlock device may prevent a defendant from driving while under the influence.
  • These programs have been proven to modify behavior.


Participants ordered to probation by a Court, meet with our Officers monthly to ensure compliance with Court Orders. Our staff reviews the probation orders and requirements and arranges meetings and classes based on the level of supervision required.

  • Arrange and verify complaince with Classes (i.e., DWI classes, Domestic Violence, Parenting, Defensive Driving and many more)
  • Community Service requirements, we will verify signatures and times as well as assign locations when needed.
  • Fine payments, ProTrac will verify compliance with all fine payments. We require defendants to provide receipts as proof that they are keeping up with their monthly fine payments
  • A participant can be placed on probation by more than one Court. We coordinate case information so as to not duplicate services. In addition, we only charge the defendant one monthly fee even if they are Ordered to ProTrac by multiple jurisdictions.
  • Probation fees are paid by the defendant and therefore no Taxpayer money is spent
  • A participant can be placed on probation by more than one Court. We coordinate case information so as to not duplicate services.


  • We are staffed to carry out collections efforts without added expense to the Courts.
  • Collections services cover three areas:
    • Assessed fines and Court costs
    • Restitution for damages
    • Collection of “aged” or “stale” accounts
  • Our services can provide unanticipated revenue to the Courts without additional Court time or staff cost.
  • Saving the Court time that would otherwise be spent dealing with collecting payments.


  • Drug Testing
    • Testing performed at our office with immediate results
    • Drug Test Kits available
  • DNA submission to the Arkansas State Crime Lab
  • Referral for Court-ordered Classes


Electronic Monitoring Order (pdf)

Probation Services Order (pdf)