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Office Information:

Little Rock
1819 N. Fillmore
Little Rock, AR 72207
(501) 280-9722

Springdale (Northwest Arkansas)
1458 Plaza Place, Suite 104A
Springdale, AR 72764
(479) 756-0022
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Probation Services

When a participant is ordered to ProTrac Probation, the case manager will review the Court order to determine the supervision requirements and length of probation sentence.

There is a $15 probation set-up fee and each participant is required to pay $35 per month. Additional fees are required for drug testing, DNA testing and Court ordered classes.

ProTrac may arrange classes for Hot Checks, Domestic Abuse, Alcohol Education, etc. Courts generally have programs in place to provide these classes and ProTrac will verify that any and all classes are attended as well as all completion certifications are copied and maintain in the participant file for future reference.

The case manager will meet with each probationer at least one time per month to review the probationers’ compliance with Court Orders. The case manager will check the number of community service hours completed; the type and number of classes completed (i.e. Domestic Violence, DWI, AA meetings, Counseling, Fine Payments, etc.), as well as verify home and employment contact information.

When a participant is not complying with the conditions of their probation, the case manager will issue a violation report to the Court. If applicable, the case manager will make a recommendation as to further or additional sanctions, such as requesting the participant to be place on “house arrest”, be committed to jail or seek counseling. NOTE: the sentencing Judge is the only person who can change the original order or change the specific sanctions for each probationer.

A participant successfully completes their probation when they have not only served the amount of time ordered but have fulfilled all requirements ordered by the Court.

ProTrac provides drug testing for those individuals ordered to testing by the Court. The standard fee for drug testing is $35 per test, due at the time the test is completed. Fees for drug tests may be adjusted downward based on the number of tests per probation period. All test results are immediate.

ProTrac staff is certified by the Arkansas State Crime Lab to collect and submit DNA evidence to the State for entry in the State’s database. Fees for DNA submission are $35. Fees are due at the time the blood sample is collected. The ordering Court is responsible for the collection and submission of the State mandatory $250 DNA submission fee.

In an effort to save time for the Court staff, ProTrac is able to collect payments for restitution or fines from probationdefendants. We are currently equipped with an IOLTA Trust Account through which all restitution/fine payments can be channeled to provide proper accountability by the defendant and provide appropriate restitution to the victim or payment to the Court for fines, pursuant to the Court’s Order. In addition, all interest gained from the funds deposited in the IOLTA Trust Account is used for the benefit of the judicial system, by directive of Arkansas Statute.