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Office Information:

Little Rock
1819 N. Fillmore
Little Rock, AR 72207
(501) 280-9722

Springdale (Northwest Arkansas)
1458 Plaza Place, Suite 104A
Springdale, AR 72764
(479) 756-0022
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Electronic Monitoring

The enrollment process is as simple as completing the “Conditions of Monitoring” order form and faxing it to ProTrac. ProTrac will contact the offender to arrange equipment installation and program orientation.

ProTrac offers a variety of payment options and payment services with most programs being fully offender funded. Offender funded supervision fees are set on a sliding scale based on the participant’s income and ability to pay with a target minimum rate of $9 per day. ProTrac requires a minimum of $100 to begin the program, $30 of which is the administrative enrollment fee and the balance of $70 goes toward the first week of monitoring based on the assessed daily rate.

In addition to offender-funded services, ProTrac offers City and County payment options. These programs are billed monthly and extremely beneficial for the release of incarcerated offenders undergoing medical treatment. Our program places the offender on "lock down" inside their home and requires prior notice and verification for any medical appointments. At a cost of $9 per day, not only does the County and/or City save money for any per day jail charge, but in medical bills as well. Offenders who are not incarcerated are required to pay their own medical expenses.

Each participant will attend an orientation interview prior to or at the time of his or her enrollment. During this interview the program rules are read and explained in detail, the participant’s curfew schedule is set based on the activities permitted by the Court and the equipment is installed on the offenders’ wrist or ankle.

Each participant is required to meet with his or her case manager no less than twice per month. These meetings are to determine program compliance. ProTrac understands that participant compliance is enhanced and facilitated when the case managers are strict and consistent in supervision and contact. The case manager will review the activity reports generated from the defendant’s monitoring equipment daily and verify participant compliance of leaves and check ins with substantiating documentation provided by the participant.

When a participant is not complying with the conditions of monitoring, the case manager will issue a violation report and forward it to the Court or authorizing agency. ProTrac will work with the authorizing agency and/or Court during the initial program setup to determine the types of violations as well as the number of violations that equate to the participant’s termination.

A participant successfully completes monitoring when they have served the amount of time ordered and have fulfilled all additional requirements ordered by the Court.

Electronic Monitoring Order (pdf)